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September 19, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Guys, help me understand the following: I have Saturn and Venus separated by MC at about 10 degrees apart. It counts as Saturn conjunct MC and Venus conjunct MC but not Saturn conjunct Venus. I ...
September 13, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Vertex/NN conjunction (General Astrology)
Could anyone shed some light on the transit NN conjunction with my natal Vertex, in my 8th? They are two degrees apart right now but will be sharing the same degree soon... What should I expect from s ...
September 9, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Anxiety indicators (Natal Astrology)
There have been a few mentions of anxiety in the last few days and I wonder what you guys think are some indicators - Moon positions and aspects, harshly aspected Mercury, Virgo placements, Saturn asp ...
September 7, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Galactic center (General Astrology)
Alphagemini here inspired me to look at the Galactic centre more closely and it´s a fascinating phenomenon, found at 26-27 degrees in Sagittarius: "It is almost like a planet hovering at the G ...
September 5, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
7th house profection (General Astrology)
Hey guys, This year my activated profected house is the 7th (in Taurus) with Venus as the ruler of the year. Can you please share your thoughts and experiences from your own 7th house profectio ...
September 1, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Where is your Sun? (Natal Astrology)
On to lighter and brighter topics (thank you, Asteroid#448!) I want to talk about the Sun :27: Where is it in your chart and what are its aspects? I would love to hear from someone with the Sun in ...
August 30, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
A relative´s chart (Natal Astrology)
Hey guys, this is the second family member chart I wanted to discuss here. When I first looked at it, I thought, well this is lovely. But, then I discovered the three T-squares and all the other squar ...
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August 28, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Past life (General Astrology)
I am inspired by the many people here writing about past lives, karma, the soul and I was recently reminded of a conversation with an astrologer years ago who told me something along the lines of &quo ...
August 24, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
The worst of days (General Astrology)
Guys, I am having a terrible couple of days and thought this would be a great learning opportunity, for me to start paying attention to the current transits and understanding them. So, please help me ...
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August 21, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Pregnancy/childbirth (Natal Astrology)
I am wondering, from you personal experiences or in general, which positions or aspects indicate pregnancy or becoming a mother or father? Which positions/aspects would signal inability to procrea ...
August 19, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
To be online or not (Natal Astrology)
Hey guys, It was suggested by two astrologers in recent months that I should make myself more visible online, for example in social networking, as that would be a good way to meet someone in this p ...
August 14, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Crucial events (General Astrology)
All of the crucial events in my life happened and are still happening almost exclusively in these periods: First half of August (Leo) - the most Second half of February, first of March (Pisces) F ...
August 9, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Talk to me about Lots (General Astrology)
Could someone please help me with figuring out what my lots in the following placements signify? Lot of fortune in Virgo (10th) Lot of Spirit in Capricorn (2nd) Lot of Eros in Gemini (8th) Th ...
August 8, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Empty houses (General Astrology)
I was reading up on empty houses online and came across different "theories" and was wondering which one do you feel is most true: a) you don’t have the energy of a specific planet infuse ...
August 6, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
A sh.tload of negative aspects (General Astrology)
Learning more and more about the aspects of my natal chart, I am inevitably faced with an abyss of negatives, with very little silver lining. However, my question to you, professional astrologers, ...
August 5, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
7 element cradle (Natal Astrology)
Does anyone else here have a cradle? How do you deal with it and resolve the conflict of the opposition? Mine involves 7 elements: Moon in 14° Taurus Ascendant in 12° Scorpio Mars in 9° Virgo J ...
August 2, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Venus conjunct Rahu in Gemini (General Astrology)
This for me is an 8th house transit - can someone please help me figure out the implications of the combo? ...
July 31, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
I have about a hundred tabs open with astrology sites and some are just crap... So, could you please share your top 3 choices of astrology websites, that you have found useful, insightful, inspiring, ...
July 30, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Water Grand Trine (Natal Astrology)
I am interested to hear from anyone who has a Grand Trine in water signs - what do you feel was its influence in your life? Or, if you have worked with people with such an aspect in their charts, p ...
July 26, 2020 | Sun Sign - CancerAnikey
Juno in Aquarius (Natal Astrology)
Does anyone else have their Juno in Aquarius? Mine is in my 3rd...would love to hear about yours :1: ...
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