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Oct 24, 2020 - 22:11
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » msrEda
I´m glad my comments were helpful. I do think that a Mercury Retrograde does not have to cause suffering - and I question why you think it is Mercury Retrograde´s "fault". We all suffer something in life. The cause is within our own consciousness. The planets do not cause anything. How we use planetary energy is what counts. Our job is to use the energy of the planets in a positive way. The planets give us the choice.
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Oct 24, 2020 - 18:54
Sun Sign - AriesJayJayAstrology » msrEda
Hi Mrs. Eda,
Retrograde does not mean you live in the past nor does it have anything to do with your past life. Retrograde is a word astronomers and astrologers give to a planet when it looks like it is going backwards in the sky as we look from earth. The planets don´t really move backward. It´s an illusion caused by the movement of the earth in relationship to the planets.

We astrologers do in fact give meaning to retrograde planets. Generally, they make a person more inward and reflective. A planet going direct is more outward and manifesting. All but the Sun and Moon can appear to be moving backward. The Moon´s Nodes always move backward - but they are not planets. They are points in space - and that´s another story. Many astrologers do not give much significance to the outer planets in retrograde - Chiron, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto because they move so slowly and are transpersonal. Some do. I think it´s fair to say that most astrologers give more importance to Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn Retrogrades. You have two personal planets in retrograde - Mercury and Mars. Both are significantly on an angle - ASC and DES respectively.

Like everything else in astrology, a person can use the positive or negative aspects of signs, planets and even retrogrades. The following lists were compiled from a number of sources and not necessarily my personal opinion of retrograde planets. I want to stress that these are only suggestions. If none of these qualities fit you, then don´t own them.

Here is a list of positive and negative responses to Retrogrades.

Meditative - Withdrawn
Profound - inhibited
depth awareness - blocks outer awareness
inner strength - maladjustment
reformation - regression
humility - timidity
universal identity - thwarted self-identity
self-knowledge - morbid self-absorption
subtle - evasive
self-attunement - self-undoing
reflective - repressive
spiritual power - health problems (often psychological)

Here is a list of qualities for Mercury Retrograde:
contemplative, inner-directed mind
self-analytical and self-critical
awareness of psychological subtleties
absent-minded, not attuned to external details
literary interests or abilities
learns through absorption
self-conscious speech or communication
enjoys own company, dislikes small talk and casual interactions
difficulty translating perceptions into words and making contact
feels misunderstood or disconnected from others

Here is a list of qualities of Mars Retrograde:
inhibited action, lack of outer initiative
non-competitive, competing only with self
explorer of the psyche, internally directed
solitary or unconventional action
repressed or explosive anger, passive-aggressive
self-destructive, continually battling self
tends to invite aggression
doubts own capabilities, fears risk-taking
alternately self-driving and lethargic
sexual inhibitions or compulsions

The 29 degree Mercury was stationary the day before you were born. So, it is a "slow" and more powerful Mercury because of that. At 29 degrees, it even has more power as it is close to changing signs. When a planet changes signs, it is more powerful - it has gathered up and matured within the sign it is in before starting something new.

Not only that but it is the ruler of the ASC and of your whole chart and is conjunct the ASC. Now this is one very powerful Planet - Mercury! And it rules all those other planets in Gemini - Sun, Jupiter and Saturn. Jupiter also is conjunct the ASC which makes it more powerful as well. There is a need for you to be reflective or you would not have this chart. Gemini is a very bubbly, talkative, relational sign - and it can be very active. The retrograde slows it down some. It might actually be a good thing.

In your past life, you had a lot of responsibility for other people and you probably felt quite alone. It´s possible you had to take care of a spouse who was ill or unable in some way. Your north node Cancer is saying you need to nurture yourself and your independence. You want to find new meaning in life, set goals for yourself and develop yourself without judgements or guilt that you shouldn´t. You can be critical of yourself.

The retrogrades simply say - you are reflecting upon your thoughts and feelings and building toward a new beginning. Lots of people have retrograde planets. It is nothing new or special about it. If we don´t reflect upon ourselves, we cannot change. In my opinion - retrograde is extremely important, useful and meaningful.


My website: http://thesoulmustsing.weebly.com - I do astrology readings, dream interpretation, an mind-body healing by donation and workshops at reasonable rates.
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Oct 24, 2020 - 18:01
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » msrEda
Being at the fifty minutes of arc point of the twenty-ninth degree means your Natal :153: is actually two-signed! Starting anew combines with the end of :173:.
Not everyone can have an exactly average Rx count, the Moon Phoebe means that :157: is always conjunct a retrograde!
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Sep 20, 2020 - 20:20
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » msrEda
I think mysterious of 12th house is like Pisces constellation , one Pisces tries to go higher spiritually , other Pisces is go to westward for material things. That is why this house is so mysterious , one side gives people secret power the other part makes them isolated and suffers. I saw some negative effects in transits but in natal chart it is not so negative how we were told.
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Sep 19, 2020 - 19:30
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
At first i thought i saw mrs Eda. So you can bet i was surprised at your topic :-D

Ill be very frank. The relationship with your father, with your mother, with your siblings and your friends doesn´t cause the relationship you having with a partner. Honestly theres no comparison. The men I´ve dated according to my father is polar opposites. In this case, you can say, you either fall in the category that goes looking for what displeases you, or like me. Know EXACTLY what isn´t going do.

Your relationship with yourself will always be the most important.
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Sep 19, 2020 - 19:05
Sun Sign - ScorpioPromethean_Soul » msrEda
12th house is like piaces sign has two sides. Our secret power resides there and also it is our resort to stay isolated. From my observations what kind people i saw who has sun 12th house. Maybe nobody knows that but most successful people have some planets are in 12th house. For example last two Democrat candidate Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton has sun and many planets are in 12th house.
One is my youngest brother. My father didn´t want my mother to give birth and he threatened my mom. After he was born my father loved him but my father was always absent in my brother´s life. I took my father role because he was absent also in our family.
Another person I know my Turkish friend , he is married with a foreign woman. He works in another country and he loves his child but he cannot see his child so much. In this situation 12th house shows foreign culture which is very different from yours. Religion and race difference. 12th house is also related to foreign lands and foreign fathers.
In your situation you can get married with a foreigner from different religion and culture.
12th house is still one of the wrong and less known in astrology. Because it is house when sun arises. I dont know if astrologer is right or wrong but I reccomend you , by yourself make observations and research about 12th house because you have many planets there.
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Sep 18, 2020 - 23:49
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
Ok, here I am. Keep in mind that I am using a different house system ("Whole Signs Houses", it is called) to analyze your chart than the Placidus house system which is automatically set up in Astroseek, unless we change the settings. So don´t get confused if you suddenly notice that I am "changing" the position of your planets, haha.

The 7th house is the house of "relationships"; any kind of close relationships (friends, romantic partners, family, etc). Your 7th house is in the sign of Sagittarius. The ruler (the planet that represents a sign) of your 7th house is Jupiter, because Jupiter "rules" (represents) the sign of Sagittarius.

Now we look at what house and sign Jupiter is. In a woman´s chart, Jupiter represents the romantic partner or the spouse.

We notice that Jupiter is in Gemini in your 1st house, and is conjunct (together with) your Gemini Ascendant.

This means that your partner (Jupiter) is coming to you (the Ascendant) from your 7th house - because your 7th house is in the sign of Sagittarius which is ruled by Jupiter. This is a good thing!! Jupiter doesn´t exactly feel completely "comfortable" in the sign of Gemini, because Jupiter is "enemy" with Mercury, the planet that rules/represents Gemini. But, Jupiter isn´t "debilitated" in Gemini. Besides, Jupiter is conjunct your Sun (you) which is also in Gemini in your 1st house. And this conjunction is a great one to have.

So your partner (Jupiter) is coming to you (ruler of 7th on your Ascendant), and to support you (the Sun), because Jupiter is conjunct your Sun. Your "man" (well, your young man, haha) should ideally have a Gemini-like character (very talkative, communicative, loves to read and learns new things, friendly, funny, etc) and should support you - Jupiter conjunct your Sun (you).

Now, that´s the "ideal" scenario as seen from Jupiter´s placement and aspects. The thing is that, most of the time, the woman doesn´t immediately seek out her partner based on Jupiter´s placement, aspects, etc, but based on the ruler of her 7th, the planets that are in her 7th house, the ruler of the 5th house (house of "romance"), the planets in the 5th house, etc, etc. It is a bit complicated, haha.

It is my belief after having done so many "love readings", that most individuals (both male and female) go through some "karmic lessons", which they need to go through, understand, and learn from it, before they finally understand what they need, want, and expect from their close relationships, especially their romantic relationships.

In your particular case, you have Chiron on top of your descendant (that big black line in your 7th house), which is the astrological "point/object" that represents relationships. In our birth chart, Chiron indicates where our deepest wounds are. So being on top of your Descendant, this means that most of your deepest wounds are in the area of relationships.

Because Mars (which represents our aggressive energies) is also on top of your Descendant, AND conjunct Chiron, this means that such wounds (Chiron) have to do with an unhealthy expression (from others and/or from yourself) of anger (Mars).

Because Mars is opposite Jupiter (which is the ruler of your Descendant), then Jupiter could "expand" (what Jupiter does) that unhealthy expression of anger, and make you very fearful and cautious of it. And this could "attract" to you - in a subconscious level - partners/friends who are a bit aggressive and bad-tempered.

The 6th house is the house (besides other more positive things, of course) of obstacles, conflicts, arguments, etc. Your 6th house is in the sign of Scorpio which is ruled by (represents) Mars as the "traditional" (old) ruler. Mars - besides our drive, passion, motivation, energy, etc - also represents anger, aggressiveness, etc. So the ruler (Mars) of the 6th (which represents all that) is on top of your descendant (close relationships), which means that "obstacles, conflicts, aggressiveness" (6th house and Mars) are going into your close relationships (Mars on your Descendant).

So we have that 7th lord (Jupiter) opposite the 6th lord (Mars), which in turn is on top of your Descendant.

Pluto in a chart represents our area in life where we have experienced deep pain and painful transformations. And Pluto also co-rules the sign of Scorpio, and Pluto (as the ruler of the 6th) is also in your 7th house. Pluto can manifest as attracting partners who are emotionally manipulative (and Pluto is conjunct your Moon, which can represent that), domineering, controlling, etc.

The 2nd house is about family in Vedic, and it is in the sign of Cancer which is ruled by the Moon. The Moon is on your 7th house in the sign of Sagittarius. So the ruler (Moon) of your 2nd house (family) is on your 7th (close relationships) conjunct Pluto.

The above could ("could", meaning it is only a possible scenario) mean that you have had (or still do) difficulties with a mother (Moon) which might be a bit domineering, and perhaps a bit obsessive and emotionally manipulative with you.

Saturn represents the "father" in astrology, and so does the MC (10th house) and the Sun as well.

Saturn is on your 1st (you) and square the MC, which could indicate a very restrictive (Saturn) father (Saturn and the MC) who has blocked you or stopped you in some way, and that felt/feels emotionally distant and/or cold. And more so because Saturn (father) is opposite the Moon (your feelings and emotions).

But because the Moon also represents the Mother, this could mean that your father (Saturn) was very restrictive, cold, harsh, etc, with your mom.

Pluto is also opposite the Sun (which also represents your father), which could indicate power struggles, emotional manipulation, and having felt suffocated by the father.

The 4th house represents our early upbringing. And is in the sign of Virgo which is ruled by Mercury. Mercury is on top of your Ascendant and in retrograde. And from the Ascendant Mercury is opposite Mars, an aspect that represents bad temper and aggressiveness. So we have Mars being the 6th lord (ruler) being opposite the ruler (Mercury) of the 4th - which indicates this aggressiveness from your early upbringing.

As Mercury (ruler of the 4th) is also opposite Chiron on your Descendant, then this means that you couldn´t "fight back" that aggressiveness. It also means, perhaps, being a bit shy, cautious, and perhaps fearful, when approaching others in close relationships.

That´s all "bad" news, isn´t it? Well, it is just the explanation of the "Karmic patterns" with which you were born for a reason. And it is up to you to understand why so you can break off from them and heal your wounds and fears.

"What should I do?" Well, you should get into the path of self-discovery by reading/researching - BY YOURSELF, Gemini girl, haha - each and every one of your placements, aspects, and ruler in houses combinations, and learn both, the positive manifestations of them and the negative ones.

By understanding the negative ones, you begin to understand your own attitudes, behavior, and triggers. By understanding the positive ones, you have a "Healing path" to follow.

It is very painstaking, long, and takes a lot of self-discipline and hard work. But it is either that, or blindly "trusting" old beaten-up astrologers like me, haha. The choice is totally yours, :-).

Best of luck!!
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Sep 18, 2020 - 22:38
Sun Sign - Taurustheycallmetym » msrEda
I have terrible relationship with my father as well.We havent seen for like 3 years.Now im 23 and thats ok i already forgive everything but i have to admit that it shaped my personality and character in not that desireble way..Believe me i understand you.I have never had an emotional relationship in my life.I know it sounds odd but it is like it is.I just dont feel any need or neccesity and im doing pretty well..I dont approve that kind of lifestyle dont get me wrong,what im trying to say is sometimes its better to be with yourself,discussing things with yourself,making time for yourself and self-improvement.Best desicions are made alone.Dont stuck with idea that you need someone in your life.
I see nowadays a lot people constantly seeking for relationships,linking their existence to other peoples,changing them like pair of socks..(Im in general)
Thats BS,everythink has its own time.When time will come,you will met that person dont worry.Assuming that you know turkish;varligini baska insanlar uzerinden olcme,bazen yalnizlik,hayatin sana atadigi en kaliteli ogretmen oluverir:)
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Sep 18, 2020 - 22:37
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
Don´t believe everything any astrologer say to you; including me, haha :-).

Astrology isn´t about written-in-stone "fate", but about our karmic patterns that we need to recognize, understand, and face head-on; and about the innate potentials we have to do that, and to seek out happiness.

The fact that at your very young age you are already in the path of self-discovery, says many good things about you, :-).

One of the greatest healing tools that exists (and I know that I need to work on that myself) is forgiveness. Forgiveness unstick our minds from our past, and allow us to move on into the future and the present.

I´ve had many deep wounds in my past, some of those because of the difficult relationship I had with my father. But as one grows older, we begin to realize that parents make mistakes, and that most of the time, when they act badly or in non-optimum ways, they are subconsciously repeating the same patterns of conduct that they learned from their own parents.

Some of us are strong enough, and enough spiritually evolved so as to break off from such patterns. But some of us are not that strong.

This isn´t to justify his actions or the bad actions from anyone, for that matter. But as we age, we start to understand that life isn´t necessarily a "White or Black" proposition, but that the "gray area" is huge. And with that understanding comes some peace of mind regarding what has been done to us. Because we understand that people are just people, and that all of us can become the effect of our own psychological issues and start acting in negative ways.

Having said all that, let me take a look at your chart and tell you the challenges I see, and the potentials I see to work with such challenges.

I´ll come back in a little while.
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Sep 18, 2020 - 22:23
Sun Sign - LeoZephyrin » msrEda
I´m sorry to read that.

Every person that I know and I help has issues related to men (as well as father) when in comes to the oppositions and squares of Sun/Saturn and and MC/Saturn.

In the charts of women, I mostly consider Sun/Lilith, Saturn/Lilith aspects.

It is very probable that you´ll continue to have issues with men in your life. As far as I see from your chart, your relationship with mother is also not good. She may be a person who lives with superstitions, who is inconsiderate, pessimistic. She may even be quiet to your father´s abusiveness towards you. With the opposition of Mars(6)/Jupiter(12) you acummulate all these things in your mind, you don´t forget any detail about your problems but Jupiter here exaggerates the problems, unfortunately. In that case, thinking too much on your issues may cause migraine and sleeping problems, maybe some mental diseases.

Arguing and fighting with people and their trash opinions are not new things for you.

No doubt you have problems related to your education both because of these issues and wrong friends. You might be a very emotional person in the past. You seek equality and freedom in your relationships but people don´t let you act however you want. But here, you´re actually the biggest enemy of yourself; you swallow all the things you want to say to people. Acting directly will help in your relationships. Just do and tell what you want.

Your descendant (7th house) conjuncts with Chiron and Mars which indicate physical and psychological abuse from men, your father or others. They try to dominate. Struggles with men, a noisy marriage, disagreements. Your health is sensitive by the way. You may have scars in your body that are not fully recovered or you´re person that constantly have little accidents.

However, descendant conjuncts with part of fortune(7) which I associate with luck in relationships sooner or later even if the presence of all these negative conjunctions.

You want a man who is warm-blooded, funny, listens you instead of judging or gabbing. Due to :151:(12)/ :154:(11) and :151:(12)/ :152:(6) square, your affairs might not go beyond friendship. It just will be hard to find a person who you´re happy, feel in peace. You may have to kiss many frogs till find your prince. He may be from another nations, older than you.

You´re a clever girl, don´t let your father affect your thinking about love. I think you´ll be happy as long as you make abusers stay away from your life. Trust your gut feelings, you have benefits from being suspicious.
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Sep 18, 2020 - 21:57
Sun Sign - Geminihipogrifo010 » msrEda
Maybe you need to learn about your father´s history and things about how he met your mother. that will give you some kind of clue as to why he is like this and you can avoid this behavior from the source and not fall in love with the same kind of guys in the end. without realizing it, or even worse, ending up with someone bad in a completely different way because you absolutely reject the bad behavior that he had, without looking at others being that perhaps they also make serious mistakes.i hope this open you a new ways to look at this problem. See ya :5: .
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Sep 18, 2020 - 21:17
Sun Sign - CapricornLuna Alba » msrEda
Well, you´ll need to see if you enherited some patterns from him. It doesn´t have to be phisical abuse strictly - it can be verbal, emotional, cotrolling behaviour etc.

It´s good that you reject the negative familiar.

Wishing you a lot of luck! :68: :37:
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Sep 18, 2020 - 21:13
Sun Sign - Virgorohini moon » msrEda
It´s good you recognize these things at your age, it will save you a lot of trouble. .yes you do have Mars in your 7th house ..house lord Jupiter in 12th conjunct sun/Saturn. . You do need to stay away from violent men. Whenever you see Mars inthe 7th in a woman´s chart, she has to be extremely leery on who she gets into Romantic relations with. Jupiter sitting with Saturn, in a way is the saving grace of your conjunction....Jupiter is the only planet who has the power and authority to mitigate the negative influence of Saturn. .
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Sep 18, 2020 - 21:04
Sun Sign - Virgorohini moon » msrEda
He does teach, but you´re still very young..you have a lot of time to grow and learn..... there is always hope, my friend. :17: :80:
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Sep 18, 2020 - 20:51
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
I do had a difficulities with my father. Have you noticed that you draw men to you that share the same aspects with you, that you had with your father?

It was the case with me. Shared lot of hard Sun/Pluto contacts with the men i liked.
Maybe that is a pattern you noticed too?
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Sep 18, 2020 - 20:33
Sun Sign - Virgorohini moon » msrEda
First thing I immediately thought was: sun conjunct Saturn...and yes, you have this, in the 12th house no less.

Sun/Saturn individuals always have a tumultuous relationship with their father.

It doesn´t mean necessarily this tradition will carry on into your romantic relationships in life, but it *can*, if you don´t figure out how to harness this energy correctly..
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Sep 18, 2020 - 20:26
Sun Sign - CapricornLuna Alba » msrEda
Well, psychologically, the relationship we have with our father usually shapes our relationships with men in general.

Unfortunately, we don´t look for what´s best for us, but for the familiar, for what we´ve experienced in our early childhood.

If your father was abusive in some way, you probably and involuntarily seek men that will recreate that abusive dinamic.

Think about your relationship w your dad, its traits and break the pattern - don´t look for the negative familiar, but for what´s best for you! :68:.

I don´t think your relationship w your father is deterministic in any other way that the one I explained above. So it´s your mind here, not the fate.

If you feel better staying away from him, then live your life away from him and try to heal whatever you need to heal. Then you should attract a proper partner in your life.
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Aug 18, 2020 - 18:47
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
I burn incense, have a few crystals, but I don´t usually use them much anymore. I kind of get bored with stuff. :61:
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Aug 18, 2020 - 17:01
Sun Sign - Librazarko22 » msrEda
If you ask someone for advice you better check wether or not his/her planets look good or bad in relations to your planets.If you did like I said you would have seen that leorising have HIS own Saturn aspects with square YOUR 10th of career in Piesces.His Saturn in Sagitarius and your 10th in Piesces.Not looks good.I will explain why abroad is not good for you.Ruler of 9th is malefic planet and it is placed in bad 12th house.Second fact is more important and it is that first triplicity ruler of 9th which represent abroad is same Saturn which I mention earlier.ONLY posibillity which include job abroad is one in which you would work for foreign agency in YOUR COUNTRY.
I am not so optimistic about your job and think it can be work like journalist or writer.I think your success is very insecure but your need to be glory is great.As other option I can see marriage with a man who have very strong 4th house and benefic planets in 4th.Think you already know that 4th in chart of some person is 10th of his/her partner.
As other option I see even agriculture work,producing of herbs or something.Not easy job for you at all,but it is worth to try.

So,you got options.God help you!
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Aug 18, 2020 - 13:52
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » msrEda
You´re not the first! :61: I believe I learned through Catholicism they love their rosary beads, their metals, relics, holy water and I have tons of them back home in the attic since I used to have a fascination of going to Garage Sales, Estate Sales, Antique Malls, Auctions, and Ebay and collect the stuff. That would be my Virgo/Pisces/Cancer/Capricorn Axis.

Then I learned other Eastern Philosophies have their beads, crystals, and different material objects.

We can see on Social Media the masculine and feminine put their faith and power into materialistic backgrounds of Crystals, statues, and whatever else they have in the video, incense, etc.

Fortunately, as the Saturn in Taurus with South Node Leo (Ketu) it all gets stripped away. :61: As my collection of angels are in the attic as well. I left all my books and stuff back home. I even had garden angels, that look like my relative covered with a jungle of plants right now. :61:

Obviously, I learned you can´t take all the materialism with you, and my focus in Jupiter Mahadasha has been letting go of all the conditioning of society in giving materialism power over the true connection with source.

Maybe in this Mahadasha you´re in you´re learning certain things, where in another one, you will learn something different.
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