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Jun 30, 2020 - 12:33
Sun Sign - TaurusIntoTheVoid » nickquan123
Learning about how the Moon affects women and their menstruation cycle really proved some aspects to be ´real´ to me, so I dove in to studying my vedic chart first and found more and more resonated... and so on. Ironically, about a month before I remember getting into astrology, I was at a book store looking for a birthday present for my mom. My boyfriend at the time brought over this book on Astrology and thought she might like it, so I bought it for her. Fast forward a month I´m sitting on the couch with cramps looking up how the Moon plays into my monthly cycles. (It would have been Cancer season, so Sun would have been transiting my 9th house, and I was going through my Jupiter return in the 1st house) Nicole Brenny has a variety of great youtube videos that really inspired me to get into astrology further and study on my own.
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Jun 30, 2020 - 10:37
Sun Sign - Libramarcojacko » nickquan123
mine is simply just out of curiosity and quest for knowledge
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Jun 29, 2020 - 16:20
Sun Sign - TaurusLadeeda » nickquan123
I´m interested in anything relating to personality characteristics, personality types. Astrology is just one of the things that answer those questions for me.

I try to see what applies and doesn´t.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 22:24
Sun Sign - ScorpioDel » nickquan123
I like to know stuff.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 22:03
Sun Sign - ScorpioCrowleys Disciple » nickquan123
I got introduced to astrology through a club / group I joined.

I joined a club that studied esoteric topics. Members I met were at one time or currently in magic cults/ groups. A mentor I had in that group told me he was at one time in the OTO and he practiced both white and black magic. He also was in the Hermetic Order of Golden dawn, Temple of set, AA, Brotherhood of Light and said at one time he joined satanism clubs...but he later changed his religion to buddism. He introduced me to astrology and revealed to me my sign: scorpio. I was in my 20s and before that time never studied astrology and didnt know my sign.

My mentor believed that he had previous lives and he could astral travel to other planets, times, dimensions. He said he was psychic and could read my thoughts. He said he came from a family of psychics and he had the power to stop time. He practiced Tarot and taught me a little. He said aliens had visited him, he said he was an alien in his previous life. He taught me about vibrating the body and he said through vibrations he had the power to do almost anything. He warned about vibrating he said in OTO he accidently burned down a building by vibrating wrong way. He had like 5 previous lives he said and had pictures he drew on the wall of all the past people/aliens/creatures he was.

I will add that he was a big fan of The Book of The Law and Crowley and introduced me to that as well. I did join The Church of Satan before any of this happened at the age of 18, but I was not active in in it at that time...I just sent the money in mail for membership.

I also may have ... or I may not have joined the same groups he was in. To keep my personal life secret somewhat I will leave that up for the reader to believe or not to believe.

I thought my mentor was a little looney and I did not believe a lot he told me, but he was my mentor that introduced me to astrology.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 20:32
Sun Sign - PiscesLinnealaur » nickquan123
My mother was the one introducing me to astrology...we used to explain my shyness when i was younger with my pisces sun(: I have resently discovered just how much more complex, precise and detailed astrology (birthcharts) can be and I have found the answers to so many of my questions regarding my own being and my closest relationships.. (with some harsh truths right in my face :98: :80:) and i feel like i have only just started to scratch the surface of this seemingly neverending subject :30:
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Jun 10, 2020 - 17:27
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » nickquan123
Just a natural at pattern recognition if I have to grease my own wheels!
What I avoided reiterating in Rohini´s thread is rebelling against the strong personality of my past-life.
So there is ´forbidden fruit´, "taboo" :22: :39:
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Jun 10, 2020 - 15:45
Sun Sign - Taurusdani_mae1 » nickquan123
I thought a while about what drew me to astrology and I think I was looking to understand myself and others better. I always used it as a tool even as a pre teen, granted back then it was just sun signs, to dissect my friend’s personalities. And I’d tuck away into my mental database what traits were true and which were not. Never really understood why I wanted to know more at that age, it wasn’t till I was older that I realized I was utilizing it to try and understand the human psyche in order to heal some things on my own end.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 15:41
Sun Sign - Geminidontkillyourfuture » nickquan123
When I was dating someone they were interested in it, I never knew anything about it apart from the fact I was a Gemini. My understanding of Gemini´s was that they were chatty people, which I am not. So I always thought Astrology was nonsense. Anyway, the person I was dating talked to me about it. I was very sceptical but quite liked hearing them talk about it. I looked into it and started to believe in it more, but I have always had my frustrations- why so many house systems? Why is it saying I´m meant to be successful in career when I am not? etc etc. But if it wasn´t for this person I never would have persisted with it. They dealt with all my annoying questions and my general outbursts stating that Astrology was rubbish. It´s been quite the journey because I would even consider studying Astrology now.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 12:48
Sun Sign - Pisceslight » nickquan123
That´s weird because you don´t have any planet in gemini :4:.
Some people have told me that I don´t fit my sign either, some others that I fit it completely. It´s amazing how different you might seem to different people´s eyes.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 07:36
Sun Sign - TaurusAstro-Seek.com » nickquan123
For me it was someone I was flirting. She was into Astrology and I was totally against it. I never cared about Astrology until then. I have this habit of mine to like the stuff my "romantic target" likes. Not something done consciously, I just like them. I got into it very rapidly and it became the favorite topic for our conversations. Venus in Libra :2:
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Jun 10, 2020 - 04:42
Sun Sign - Pisceslight » nickquan123
I always loved personality quizzes and astrology to me seemed like a personality test that I didn´t have to answer 300 questions in order to get the results :4:.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 03:28
Sun Sign - LeoRunnerChic85 » nickquan123
Most of my life I knew about the basic sun-sign astrology, and read my horoscope when there was something big going on, hoping for the best, but not 100% believing. I did have a few that were ironically accurate though.

Last summer, I got a random email saying “get your birth chart” and it wanted me to enter my exact birth time and place. It said it would give me accurate info “beyond my sun sign” with all the planet’s in signs in houses. I thought I’d try it just for fun. Well, after getting my birth chart, I realized how accurate it actually was for me—my planetary placements in signs, in houses, and aspects, explained a lot of patterns, tendencies, and my personality. It’s turned me from a skeptic into a believer. I have learned a lot about myself in the process and believe I am becoming a better person because of this knowledge.

Interesting about the months...I don’t know much about Virgos, barely have any Virgo traits, but I can relate to what you’re saying. My brother and I are both Leo’s—he’s July, and I’m August, and we’re both different. I’ve done some research there, and didn’t find much, but our charts say a lot. He’s heavily influenced by Aries, me by Libra with my moon and current progressions.
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Jun 10, 2020 - 00:54
Sun Sign - TaurusIIyyaarr13 » nickquan123
The months are Calendrics and not fair!
February is a Lunar month pitted against eleven Solar months! :25:
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Jun 10, 2020 - 00:32
Sun Sign - ScorpioWhispymint » nickquan123
Nice :) have you come to any thoughts on whether there is a difference between those or did you just discover the other planets and houses? I got interested in it because it was a way to explain the world in a way that was non-empirical which I liked as opposed to my education in science. I wanted to explore something beyond the rational and I think Astrology expands past the boundaries of the purely rational and empirical which I like and value.
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Jun 9, 2020 - 23:54
Sun Sign - GeminiFallen_Mage » nickquan123
Sheer boredom, honestly. I started looking into it out of curiosity and well, one thing led to another... :4:
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Jun 8, 2020 - 15:43
Sun Sign - ScorpioCrowleys Disciple » nickquan123
Join the club. I tend to have a very put offish personality that seems to repel people. I have had very few true friends for a very long time and many relationship hurts, rejections, bad first dates. I got fired 6 times from bosses who just didn´t like. I have been told I am very stubborn, crazy, strange and difficult to get along with.

Love is in many ways a battlefield, but hey I have managed to have two marriages and been married to my wife for 5 years.

These are the times that will make you mentally and emotionally tougher in the long run. Lost love and friendships can completely kill a person inside, but in the end you will get stronger so just pull through it.
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Jun 8, 2020 - 15:12
Sun Sign - Scorpioancient_astrology » nickquan123
You have several challenging configurations that don´t make it impossible to have a good relationship, so don´t give up. However, they are challenges for sure. Please keep in mind that I use whole sign house system.

First of all you have the 5th house ruler (Saturn) which coming from the 5th house might represent sex and children. Now it´s not in a bad place in Taurus, however, it is on the one hand, in the bounds of Mars and it is being opposed by the planet Mars. Now, a question for you. Do you have any very negative experiences associated with 5th house matters, like violence, physical abuse, maybe involving sex or something that happened in childhood that you may have internalized. It´s just one possibility. The fact that those planets (including Venus which we will get to in a moment) are in fixed signs means that you´re stuck in some old patterns in regards to some kind of possible abuse or fear.

Now the good news is that you do have Jupiter, ruler of your applying to that Mars so that should help.

If the birth time is right, then Venus should be overcoming Mars by square. In traditional astrology a square from a benefic is not a totally bad thing. There will be some issues with it, but it is overall good. If Venus were closer in orb to that square with Mars, then that would be very problematic. Luckily it isn´t. However, Saturn is squaring your Venus.

Your first house ruler Mercury is in that twelfth house too. So I can´t tell you exactly what is going on. Astrology can only ask questions that maybe get to the point, so here´s mine

1) Mars, any violence, physical or verbal, in your past that you could be fixated on that cause problems in relationships.

2) Any tendency from other people or from yourself to turn relationships into a sort of prison, or any problems with secrecy, your own or others in terms of your love life (for example, one possibility is secret affairs) that may have hurt you and that you can´t release? Any issues with family and especially older men, father or father-figures that may be negatively affecting your love life?

I also need to think on your mercury which looms large in your chart and look at your zodiacal releasing. Maybe tomorrow? Get back to me on what I wrote.
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Apr 22, 2020 - 16:50
Sun Sign - CapricornRadar » nickquan123
Would aspects to house rulers change this feeling though?
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Apr 22, 2020 - 15:10
Sun Sign - VirgoTiff.esb » nickquan123
Thank you so much!! You are definitely right about the home remedies. Do you have any recommendations on where I can find more information on empty houses?

Thank you again! The feedback is greatly appreciated!
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