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Jul 26, 2022 - 16:23
Sun Sign - ScorpioKisses » guccirenea
Do you relate to dhanishta nakshatra? Your Jupiter sits in it and it rules your moon sign and nakshatra
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Jul 26, 2022 - 16:22
Sun Sign - ScorpioKisses » guccirenea
And in your case Mercury is your 1st lord
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Jun 28, 2022 - 06:21
Natal Astrology: Addictions
Sun Sign - TaurusRosincvist » guccirenea
:152: & :157: can relate to giving in to temptation. :182: :155: is usually a safe bet for narcotically filtered world view!
Ten :174: has alcohol as an institution!
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Jun 27, 2022 - 15:21
Natal Astrology: Addictions
Sun Sign - Leoplumreme » guccirenea
"My personal relationships are the most important thing to me, therefore they always seem to take center stage. I lose track of time and of myself"

I mean, I wonder if you´re getting at it here with this statement. For many ppl, addictions are issues with lacking proper supportive connection (to self, other, life). Neptune in the 7th conjunct Venus (and sextiling your Moon) - I wonder about idealizing people, needing much better boundaries, fear/anxiety around abandonment, love/relationship addiction. I wonder if there´s ever a lack of self care (self abandonment) due to caring for others due to that anxiety about being abandoned. I mean, that´s what I hear in your description and see in your chart.

And don´t answer this if it´s too personal, obviously, but I also wonder if early environment/caretakers were overly critical or erratic or both ... if there was an inconsistency/vacillation btwn high structure and chaos. Or any other early relational trauma (and it doesn´t have to be major to be impactful, especially for you).

I think the transits you´re in, esp from Pluto, Neptune, but even transits to Saturn (opp Lilith), your Jupiter, and in your first house may reflect (I agree with Janos that we´re essentially reading code, not getting manipulated by forces) that these issues are being highlighted and triggered right now, probably relationally and in how your self concept is tied to or at odds with how you do personal relationships. But yes, this also means opportunity to address it. I think Uranus opp Chiron transit is good for this, too (even as it irritates Jupiter).

But understanding only takes us so far. Maybe work with these transits, too, by seeking a support group for addiction. SLAA is wonderful for anyone with relational addictions (which are often co-present with other addictions) - there are virtual meetings daily.
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Jun 27, 2022 - 08:26
Natal Astrology: Addictions
Sun Sign - Pisces1janos » guccirenea
Please note; that whatever I write here is only my highly biased, subjective, personal opinion.

First of all, please, disabuse yourself of the common delusional idea, that the planets are somehow affecting you directly, from distances of hundreds of millions of kilometres away. Pluto is at a distance of over five billion kilometers.

There are no magic rays emanating from them, with their "energies" determining your life´s course, or defining your character.

Astrology is descriptive, not prescriptive. It is based on a rather complex system of symbolism, in which the planets represent Jungian archetypes. These qualities are further defined by the Astrological signs and houses they are in. The nature of their apparent manifestation can be characterized and refined by the geometric aspects identifiable among them.

Looking at your chart it is fairly clear, that you are a highly emotional person. Cancer rising and Pisces MC. Additionally the Moon conjuncts the MC closely.

So, you are not only emotional, but your mood tends to be labile, and you often feel vulnerable, insecure, lack confidence, and at times even feel like a victim of circumstances. Clearly, you engage in destructive habits and addictions to reduce and avoid the associated pain.

Transiting Pluto is conjuncting natal Neptune right now. As natal Venus is also conjunct Neptune combust, the Pluto transits Venus too. This - Pluto conjunct Neptune - is the first major deeply transformative long-term transit, which is further intensified by the proximity of Venus.

You may have looked it up already, but this transit goes on till the end of 2023.

Transiting Neptune also conjuncts the natal MOON and MC, due to the two being so close to one another. Transiting Neptune also sextiles natal Neptune.

These long-term transits describe a time of opportunity to tackle the life issues in question.

Transiting Uranus squares natal Jupiter, which if managed carefully can describe a potential improvement in confidence, that could facilitate desirable change in your life.

If you´re interested in assistance, please message me the actual nature of your challenges, because those are details, that you may not want to discuss on an open forum.
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Jun 27, 2022 - 04:31
Natal Astrology: Addictions
Sun Sign - LeoTTTJJJ » guccirenea
I posted a video some time ago related to this topic:

Maybe it would be useful for you
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