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May 18, 2022 | (Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard - Filter
Mrigasira Nakshatra Research (General Astrology)
Yes finally :75: :21:

This nakshatra was fun and freakkyyy :47:

You guys are nuts! There´s a beast in you people. Like a wolf grrrr

And before I begin I wanted to add a music vid which has blown my mind like I had to stop for a sec to process what happened to me, it was magical. This song wanted to be found by me it has dears head to it. I think I was meant to work on this nakshatra... it was calling me.

Applies to people who have moon in 23´20 Taurus to 6´40 Gemini in sidereal.
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November 22, 2022 | (Virgo) Mercurius exalted - Filter
Vedic Padas (Natal Astrology)
Hi to all, usually i dont use Vedic to understand and describe characters psyhologically, but lately i am interested seriously for the Padas. Do you feel safe using them to diagnose character and temperament? I have found many interpretations for Padas, many of them i find silly, for example you read that someone is ´dirty´, ´ugly´ or ´a sinner´ or ´knows well the scriptures´ because of his Pada. What prompted me to search is a familiar person i know very well who has Sun in Anuradha Naksatra (S ...
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July 12, 2022 | (Sagittarius) AstroLuke - Filter
Born on Eclipse (General Astrology)
Hi guys,

I wanted to know what your understanding is of those who are born on Eclipses (particularly Total Lunar Eclipses like myself). Anyone else born on a Eclipse and wanna share how that plays out in their life?

My tropical Sun is Sag, my tropical Moon is Gem.

My sidereal Sun is Scorpio, my sidereal Moon is Taurus.

I´m a Taurus rising for both Tropical and Sidereal.

Thanks x ...
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August 7, 2022 | (Pisces) The Devil's Tears - Filter
Hello folks,

Your darakaraka (DK) planet tells the nature and characteristics of your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend or someone you´re going to marry. It is the planet holding the lowest degrees in your vedic sidereal birth chart. I just wanna ask if your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend have really somewhat similar nature and characteristics relating to your DK planet on not. Also let me know your DK planet and in which house it is placed. These are some of the basic characteristics of different pla ...
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October 13, 2022 | (Leo) Devesh - Filter
Mars Transit in Gemini (Transit Astrology)
Mars is soon going to transit in the Sign of Gemini. (October 16th, Sidereal & Vedic Timings).

Here´s a short note based on Vedic Astrology: Take some time out and try to build a new relationship through communication. Be mindful of what you speak. Avoid getting aggressive. Be open to feedback. Plan out your communication. ...
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September 21, 2022 | (Taurus) Ruby Tuesday - Filter
I need to know if my Saturn is in good or bad placement... also mercury. I´m in my Saturn/Saturn dasha/antardasha and next is Saturn/Mercury, but I´m having a hard time finding reliable sources on whether or not that´s good or bad given the placement of those planets in my chart. From what I can tell neither planet has any aspects to it if you cut out planets past Saturn and don´t go beyond 3 degrees in orb. In sidereal my Saturn is in the 9th house in Libra and Mercury is on the 11th house cusp ...
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September 18, 2022 | (Taurus) Ruby Tuesday - Filter
In my chart I have no idea what the triggers are for relationships. I´m starting to think it goes by vedic/sidereal because it seems that the moon is more involved. It´s my 7th house ruler in sidereal. What am I supposed to look to in my chart specifically? The 7th house ruler? 5th house ruler for just meeting new romantic interests? I´m sick of being single, but I also do not want to waste time and energy looking at times when nothing is likely to come of it. ...
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September 1, 2022 | (Capricorn) sullenxx - Filter
Hello, depending on if you´re into vedic or western astrology I guess this can be different.
My vedic/sidereal chart is a bit different obviously, I am an aquarius moon with my aquarius saturn conjunct my moon to the exact degree

In western astrology using placidus (I prefer placidus it makes more sense on relation to my life) I´m a 4th house pisces moon with my saturn also in pisces conjunct my moon to the exact degree..

I am just trying to see if anyone can offer insight on what my satu ...
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August 11, 2022 | (Virgo) LotusStar - Filter
Noticed that I always attract fixed Venus signs. Especially LEO Venus (tropical, sidereal Cancer).

Only my MC and my Part of fortune is in Leo.

Now I´ve heard the Part of fortune is basically the synthesis of your Sun/Moon/Asc so maybe it´s something there.

Have you noticed you attract a particular Venus sign more than others? ...
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January 1, 2022 | (Scorpio) OS* - Filter
Ayanamsa ~ Vedic Astrology (General Astrology)
New year, new beginnings for me. I´ve been peaking interests, curiosity to Sidereal astrology and I want to start learning more in depth.

I noticed using Fagan-Bradley the dates in the Dashas are extremely significant for me. but since Im fairly new to Vedic, perhaps I need to look over others as well. Certain Nakshatras, or padas, even change depending on the Ayanamsa I select, making it difficult to choose for a novice like me.

Which do you use, and do you have reasons why you chose th ...
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August 21, 2022 | (Capricorn) Ulusinkhar Raji - Filter
Surya Siddhanta 1.27 states that the starting point of the sidereal zodiac is at the end of the constellation Revati. Therefore, the authentic ayanamsa is Surya Siddhanta Revati.

Revati Paksha was used in some traditional Panchangas and was the main ayanamsa in Jyotish books published before the 1950s.

According to "Ayanamsas — A Statistical Study. Buz Overbeck. 2007" - only ayanamsas based on the star Revati (Sassanian, Hipparchos, Ushashashi) showed good results.

Today, mode ...
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August 15, 2022 | (Virgo) rohini moon - Filter
Virgo Children/Shyness (Natal Astrology)
For the Virgo´s here - preferably sidereal Virgo Sun´s...

How shy were you as a child growing up?

And also, I´d like to hear from parents who have Virgo children themselves - do your kids cling to you as if the umbilical cord wasn´t severed? Are they painfully shy?

Thanks. :15: :17: ...
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August 16, 2022 | (Sagittarius) jaderosez - Filter
Can we speak about sidereal vs tropical system ?

So I´ve always wondered which one yielded more accuracy. I am still confused. So I´ll give a summary of my journey and the conclusions I came up with whom I still to this day question and go back and forth with.

I started off with vedic astrology and the sidereal zodiac. I went as deep as learning about jaimani.

I started reading about vicdicara´s theory on how the surya sidhanta (vedic text) actually says that the zodiac is anchored to ...
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July 10, 2020 | (Taurus) mysticalstars - Filter
I´ve always been fascinated with the idea of heliocentric astrology--specifically, sidereal heliocentric astrology, for it is the Earth that orbits the sun, not the other way around.

I completely understand why the astrological systems we believe in and analyze are geocentric, considering how we are attempting to understand things from our vantage point, and how the sky and seasons influence us here on Earth. We are the focal point and are concerned with things as we see them.

However, I´v ...
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November 20, 2019 | (Taurus) MarvinReal - Filter
I´ve asked few people on this forum who previously mentioned something about Heliocentric natal chart and Heliocentric synastry, to step on and make a thread about that. But no action from anyone so I am taking the lead on that.

Now, I still believe in geo+topo astrology, but I found Helioentric natal and synastry so revealing that is hard to ignore it. Some planets in Helio synastry make aspects which are not shown in geo synastry. Natal chart looks like different soul while it keeps your tr ...
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June 23, 2019 | (Taurus) MarvinReal - Filter
Lunar Nodes and me Now, or never (in 2038)

I will act and observe which dates are best correlating to real events.

Somewhere between 28.10. and 11.12., plus/minus few months, I will surely experience my Rahu/Ketu return.

1a) Lunar N. Node (Mean) Tropical
=== 9Can20 === 11.12.2019 at 4:18, lond

1b) Lunar N. Node (Mean) Sidereal F-B
=== 14Gem50 === 1.12.2019 at 8:42, lond

1c) Lunar N. Node (Mean) Sidereal Gal5
=== 14Gem34 === 1.12.2019 at 8:42, lond

2a) Lunar N. Node (True) Tr ...
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August 11, 2022 | (Virgo) Etherealmind - Filter
My pluto creates an exact conjunction with my ASC so I should have plutonian features in theory but I personally don´t think it´s the case so I´m wondering about vedic astro theories on this ...

My sidereal ASC is Scorpio and in the Anuradha nakshatra.

If someone can explain me the main features of this nakshatra and give me some celebrities examples having it, it would help me a lot :D:D ...
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May 25, 2022 | (Pisces) Tya Tyani - Filter
Hello, I consulted my friend who´s good at reading natal charts yesterday; telling him about A (my bestie) pursuing an unrequited love from her college. R (the guy) is never into her since their first meeting.

A has been stubborn & delusional about R, seeing her emotionally unavailable crush as ´the one´. She really wants to get married with him, although he has no feelings towards her.

My astrologer friend asked me for A´s birth data. Then, he read her chart and told me that she keeps ...
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August 8, 2022 | (Aries) Aprils Fish - Filter
The new moon in March 2025 will happen around a stellium of high magnitude.

The Moon will be in alignment with :161:, and just behind it :154: & :153: will also be hovering between us and the Sun, seemingly retrograding, at full speed. And far beyond the Sun we´ll have :157: and :159:, both entering sidereal :182:.

The fact that all these planets will converge on the Equinox makes me wonder...:

Can such an event be seen as a "Harmonic Convergence" ? What can be the impact ...
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August 4, 2022 | (Capricorn) boyakasha the wizard - Filter
For Purvabhadrapada moons (General Astrology)
I have prepared a series of research and would like your input on my findings if they match with yours. Feel free to correct this is a fresh hands on topic for me.

In western moon in 14-27° Pisces.
In sidereal moon in 20° Aqua to 3´20° Pisces. ...
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